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The Dark Truth About Mica

You probably do not know what Mica is but guarantee you have at least come in contact with it in one shape or form. Mica is a natural safe mineral that gives off a shimmering effect. It is used in colouring almost anything from Car paint, soap and especially make up products. It is mined from all across the world but due to its high demand and the lack of care from most high end beauty companies, a majority of your Mica comes from China.

Mica is mined in over 20 provinces across China with hundreds of different mine locations. China has been known for years to have human right abuses, lack of religious freedom, oppression of Muslims, Child labor, Poor labor standards and labor. The United states has been cracking down and imposing sanctions on imports from nations or companies that allow child labor, and consumers have been speaking out and putting pressure on companies to clean up their act. However, their efforts are not enough.

Most companies will produce a simple paper that says "Committed to no Child/Forced labor" and have it stamped by their official. However, this is not trustworthy as corrupt officials will lie and forge information just to close the deal or keep authorities from snooping around in their business. China as a whole, is run by the communist party that does not have the rule of law like other nations and it is 100% impossible to guarantee anything. The only way you can ensure that you are not supporting the oppression of the communist party, is by not buying products made in China.

Sadly, even products not made in China sometimes contain ingredients sourced from China, especially Mica. Other options for countries are India and Africa, however Child labor and slave labor is still a rampant issue. Our company currently does not use Mica powder at all. We have not been able to find a supplier from the United states. If we do end up using Mica in our cosmetics we will ensure that it is sourced from only the United states. It is important to know what you are buying. We recommend you always turn to natural hand made companies that actually put care and quality above price markup with fillers and harsh chemicals sourced at the bloodshed of other humans.


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