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We welcome collaboration with Influencers from YouTube & Instagram who are interested in promoting our products to their followers. Promoting our products helps share information about our company as well as helps people explore and try new handmade products.


We can send out a small care package of our product samples to influencers with a significantly largeg amount of followers and interaction on their social media platforms, in exchange for a product review, shoutout and tagging our social media. As of July 2023, Muslim Cosmetics has introduced new requirements and stipulations for those who wish to collaborate with us, in order to protect our business.

1. Influencers MUST Pre-Shout out us before we send the package 

We are a small business and it is extremely costly to send products for free. In the past, we have sent multiple packages around the world and found that only 5% of people shouted us out in the end... This is very saddening. To ensure that you are genuinely interested in helping our business grow, we require you to give us a shout-out & Tag, before we send the package, as well as after you receive it as a product review. 

Example: "Everyone! I am going to be receiving some goods from Muslim Cosmetics, they are a new cosmetics company that makes natural hand made products, please check them out"  - (Then Tag our Instagram).

We understand that some people are wary about promoting companies that they have never tried, but please understand we are a Muslim company and we are not producing products that are harmful or of low quality. You can research our company by looking at reviews on Amazon and look at our social media to see what types of products we make. We also do NOT want you to tell lies when you receive your goods (As some paid promotions do), you can be honest about your review of the product and if there was any problem please contact us.

2. Influencer must have a public account, subject to approval by us and with more than 30,000 followers & Decent engagement. 


We will review your social media account to make sure that you have genuine followers that are actively interacting on your account. In the past we have fallen into a trap of paying for a promotion on an account that had later been found was paying for followers. We will review some of the following 1. How many followers & what types of accounts they are by glancing at the profiles. 2. How many likes your pictures gets. 3. What types of comments each picture gets. This is so we can determine that your account seems to have followers that would genuinely view the products that you promote for us. Please note, the 30,000+ follower mark may not be required if we notice that you do have a large amount of interaction. 

3. MUST pre-arrange and have us approve the collaboration BEFORE they start to tag us.

If you came across our products and shouted us out on social media out of the kindness of your heart, then asked us to send you some Free goods we are not required to send you anything. This arrangement must be planned ahead of time. If you did shout us out and then later DID want to make an arrangement we may consider it if you meet and agree to stipulations 1 & 2, but we will ask you to re-shout us out again before we send the package.


4. Muslim cosmetics is NOT responsible for lost packages.

We understand that sometimes the post offices are not proper in handling packages and there are cases where products get lost or stolen in the mail. If the tracking information says that the package was lost, we may be able to send another package. However, if the tracking says the item is delivered, please understand we can not re-send another package. I know it's hard to think that we live in a cruel world where people would try to milk small companies for free goods, but from our experience, we have had this happen. We are a very small company. We simply can not afford to re-send samples. We hope you understand.

4. If you do not have an Instagram account for the Pre-Shoutout (YOUTUBE).

If you are going to be doing a product review & shoutout on YouTube, and you do not have an Instagram account with a large enough following to properly do a shout-out BEFORE we send you the product, we require you to buy our product & have it shipped to you. We will refund you the order once we see that you have done a review video. This is also, to prevent people from taking advantage of the lust for free goods. Please note you must Pre-Arrange this with us before buying.


5. Products we send depend on our stock availability.

The final say in which products and sizes we can send out to you depends on that product availability. When you pre-arrange with us to collaborate, you are welcome to suggest to us which of our products you are interested in the most and we will do our best to accommodate but please remember that the final decision is up to us. 

If you agree to these terms, please send us an email or a private message on Instagram, letting us know you have read these terms and agree to them.

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