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Who is your supplier?

We make our own products. We have many different ingredient suppliers depending on the product. Some places where we purchase our goods include Etsy, Amazon, Wholesale supply stores (Canada/USA), the local grocery store and Islamic supermarkets. We have nothing to hide, if you would like to know exactly what company a specific product ingredient is from we will tell you just send us a message. 100% of the supplies are from Ethical countries, sourced from any country except for China. 



What is Halal?


We are Muslim and we do not put Haram ingredients in our products. Halal means "permissible" in Islam. Usually in food this means No pork or Pig By-Products. This is the simplified version of the meaning. For something to be Halal, not only do the ingredients need to be Halal but the method must be Halal. We also must not cheat our customers out by not disclosing ingredients, trying to scam customers out of money or rip customers off by mislabeling something. We also do not support buying ingredients from China because they are known to be using Uyghur Muslims as slaves.


Are your products Halal certified?

No we are not Halal certified. Halal certification in Canada costs around $2000. It is a way for Non-Muslim companies can prove to the Muslim community that their products are safe for us and thus they can get a stamp of approval from the Halal certification authorities. A Muslim-run business does not need to go through this process. We fear Allah and we can assure you that we take our transparancy seriously.

I have allergies do you do custom orders? Can you remove an ingredient? 

I am sorry, we are unable to make custom orders. We are happy to take recomendations though of a type of product that you would like to see us launch in the future!

What is the expiry date of the products?


In general, our products should be their best for on average 6 months till they start to lose their potency, scent or colour. Most of our products do not have any preservatives. However, our products are made (unless otherwise stated) for sitting at room temperature ~ a cooler area but do not need to be kept in the fridge. Since our products are mostly made from oil, it is best to keep the products away from moisture. Moisture + oil gives the perfect environment for bacteria and mold to grow. Essentially without moisture bacteria will not flourish in oil. We recommend that aside from Soaps that you keep your items out of the shower where mist can easily affect the product. For specific information about a product please contact us.


When were the products made? Are they fresh?


We make our products in very small batches. When they start to sell then another batch is made. They are made fresh and we do not keep stock for long. Some products are mixed on demand (Essential oils are added at the point of sale to ensure the best quality). In general, the product you order was made less than 1 month before you bought it. If you want specific information as to when your product was made please contact us and we will tell you. 

Are your products Vegan?

No. We use a lot of Beeswax in our products. We do however have some Vegan products available. Every one of our products that is vegan friendly will have a vegan logo on the label. 

Do you do collaborations? Sponsorship deals? Advertisements? Press inquiries? 

Yes, For Collaborations, please see the Collaboration Policy. For other press inquiries or if you wish to run our company ads, Please message us about these topics. We will see what we can do.


Are you FDA-approved? 


The FDA is an American establishment, the Canadian equivalent is Health Canada. In Canada, You are not required to be licensed to sell Cosmetics, but we must give a list of ingredients to Health Canada and follow proper label requirements.


Our products are sold as cosmetics, some ingredients come from Traditional Islamic remedies and we make only health claims from what our religion teaches us. These health claims are based on what our religion teaches and not based on western science.  All other products, we list the benefits that teach product has based on the ingredients what they are traditionally used for. However, none of our products are licensed to treat any illness. We can not make a legal claim guaranteeing that any of our herbal products will cure or treat any illness. It is only Allah that cures. 



Do you charge tax? 

We never charge you tax. Tax collection is against our religion. It's an act of oppression and we strongly are against it. In Canada, you only have to register for a GST tax number after your business makes CAD 30,000, which we do not. Should we ever become a big business in the future, we will absorb the cost from our income and pay it on your behalf. We will never pass the burden onto our customers. 


Sadly, some online marketplaces where we sell our goods, automatically take sales taxes from you even though we are under the 30,000 threshold. This is not in our control. 

Do you give samples?


Sometimes we have "duds", as we like to call them, products that the container got damaged by dropping it, or products that were not filled to the correct amount of product inside. Those products we put in a big basket and save for giving away as samples. At the time of placing your order please contact us if you are interested in seeing if we have anything available.

Didn't answer your question? Please contact us and we will be happy to get back to you.

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