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What we are

Muslim Cosmetics is a Canadian small business that makes handmade cosmetics for men and women. Muslim cosmetics uses authentic ingredients from the Quran and Sunnah. All of our products are themed with inspiration from traditional remedies as well as common ingredients from various Muslim countries. We are an Islamic-based company that bases our entire morals and company goals on what is compatible with our religion.

How we started

We were founded June 2020, in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded by 1 sister who was in a very dark time of poverty, due to the Coronavirus pandemic when everything was locked down and people were unable to go outside. Necessity brought an opportunity for Muslim cosmetics to be born. The shelves were empty and access to everyday natural skincare items was impossible. The creator of Muslim cosmetics turned to Etsy to find unique handmade items. She thought to herself one day "If someone can make this, I can also too". The first product that Muslim cosmetics made was "Sunnah Remedy Sidr salve", an Islamic version of a traditional herbal salve that is used for cuts and scrapes. Slowly slowly the home hoby turned into a full time buisness as product line continued to grow. 

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