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Are the natural cosmetics in stores really natural?

Most consumers are quick to buy products marked as "Natural" because it gives a sense of security. Unfortunately not all things marked "Natural" are so, Especially when it comes to big name brands that you probably buy on a day-to-day basis. Why?! Words like "Natural" "Healthy" "Fresh" are catchy marketing words used in advertisements to convince consumers to buy the products. Most often they are really full of Refined, Processed, Bleached, Chemically altered ingredients. Depending on the country, companies only need to disclose ingredients if there is more than a certain percentage, and others can label something as "with natural ingredients" or as "Natural" when in reality it only contains as little as 10% natural ingredients or less. In our religion, the practice of lying to customers or cheating people is forbidden (Haram). When we tell you that the ingredients we use are natural, this means they are from everyday ingredients that are food grade and can be found at your local supermarket. We make sure that you understand every ingredient that goes into the product that you are buying. We use essential oils, which are extracted from the natural plant/flower as opposed to synthetic scents and perfumes. Anything that we use that is not found in its raw forum in nature (For example, Lye which is used in Soap making) we will make sure that you understand that by writing every single ingredient we use. So what about all the big brand "Natural Organic" cosmetics companies that pride themselves in using the best ingredients. Sad to say a lot of big brands use a lot of materials and unnecessary additives to enhance shelf life and produce synthetic scents by chemically removing components of essential oils. These products can not be made from home and must be made in a factory. On top of all of that, even if the products are from truly natural origin, they are often sourced from countries with low human rights or safety standards such as China. China is one of the number one sources for "Mica", a powder used in almost every cosmetic product you can find. It is added to give shimmer and to dye products. Not only is China a source country we can not trust for quality standards, the Chinese communist party has Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps and oppresses other religious minority groups. We do not supply any of our ingredients from China.



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