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Policy updated: July 12, 2023

We do NOT take returns.

Sorry, for any reason if you do not like the item, want to exchange it for another item, no longer need it or ordered too much, we can NOT return this item. This is a sanitary issue. Cosmetics are something that once they have been touched we can not longer sell. Please understand. We know sometimes people buy something online that is different than what they expected. Please understand we are a small business and sometimes people buy things and do not like it. We ask you to have respect and maybe gift the item to someone else who might like it. We understand that personal preferences are completely subjective. What one person might love, another might not have liked it. We always take feedback and try to improve the texture, strength and potency of our products. 

Pre-Ship cancelation or Changes.

After you placed your order if for some reason you need to change or cancel it please contact us. Yes we are able to cancel the order but we can not cancel it after its been shipped. We are not responsible for any changes in currency conversion rates during this time if that applies to you. 

Wrong address returned packages

If you have put in the wrong address and the local shipping company returns it to us, we will re-ship it for you free of charge with the correct address. If the package is not returned we can not reship you another one for free. This policy ONLY applies to unopened packages that have been returned by the shipping company due to wrong address. 

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